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Petition: The Return of the TALKING GUARDIANS OF TIME. Venice is sinking in the floods.

Petition: The Return of the talking guardians of time.
Venice is sinking in the floods. This event is only one of the harbingers of the predicted climate change that will affect our entire planet. The international rescue attempts to save this world of ours are underway, but are hardly successful. The race against time is to be won with the help of the “Talking Guardians of Time”, by shaking people up accordingly with their messages and thus warning them in time of the apocalyptic consequences. Already at the 2019 Biennial, the “Talking Guardians of Time”, standing on the grounds of the Palazzo Mora, drew attention to the impending environmental destruction caused by the consequences of climate change with an impressive and touching performance.
Let’s save Venice! Let’s save the world!
And let the spirit of the “Talking Guardians of Time” spread out from the sacred Venetian soil on which people are working.
The artist group “Rolo Geisberg/Manfred Kielnhofer/Andreas Weiskopf” demand that the “Talking Guardians of Time” become the “Talking Guardians of Venice”.
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Ice GOT Challenge

Ice GOT Challenge 2020
Prize 500 Euro or a GOT sculpture for the best image on social medias.
– videos are also wellcome
– GOT 20cm or GOT 40cm