auction auctionata Luckeneder and Kielnhofer Light Sculpture T-Guardian cross crucifix cloak cloaked figures shroud empty coat sinister faceless sculpture guardians of time guardian guards light ghosts time keepers

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Luckeneder & Kielnhofer, Light Sculpture „T-Guardian“, 2012

  • Metal grid, LED, cable ties and the red guardian figure of plastic
  • Austria, 2012
  • Christoph Luckeneder (b. 1950) – Austrian artist
  • Manfred “ KILI “ Kielnhofer (b. 1967) – Austrian painter, sculptor, designer and photographer
  • The red plastic guardian is signed and dated „Kielnhofer 2012“, as well as numbered „18/50“ inside
  • On the occasion of the Venic Biennale in 2013, the artists realised a big „T-Guardian“ installation in public space
  • Overall dimensions: c. 93 x 67 x 36 cm (height x width x depth)
  • Fully functional; very good condition
  • Interesting crossover of two contemporary artist from Austria combining light art by Christoph Luckeneder and sculpture by Manfred Kielnhofer!